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Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Trainer

Michelle A. Smith, better known as, “The Shift Starter®”, is a self-awareness strategist, published author, motivational speaker and life coach. She believes when people tap into their core qualities and characteristics, transformation happens – not only for the individual but, the people around them, and the entire world. As the Shift Starter, she challenges, coaches and empowers individuals to step outside of their comfort zone, think outside of the box, and shift temporarily to achieve a desired goal or get to the next level. Her mission is to offer entertaining and hands on tools and resources that help all people develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to master adapting to changing environments in the 21st century. Her motto is “When life happens, shift happens!”

Born and raised in the urban city of Flatbush- Brooklyn, New York, through personal experiences of humble beginnings, she brings a richly diverse life story to share with individuals who are ready to transform themselves into the bold, confident, powerful individuals they aspire to be. Michelle is a graduate of the the State University at Stony Brook with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management. She was certified in etiquette from the Ophelia Devore School of Charm in New York City. Her career stems from Wall Street to Oil & Gas and currently, as a Senior Human Resources Business Partner for a large Energy company, in Houston, TX. Having visited six continents, over 40 countries, 100 cities across the globe, Michelle is a certified scuba diver that enjoys traveling and indulging in various cultures and experiences around the world. Michelle published her first book titled, “The Invisible Chameleon – Changing Your Color, Shifting & Reaching a Desired Goal.”








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``I would highly recommend this book to all seeking to gain a different perspective on life's challenges and help ``shift`` their way of thinking when faced with them. In this short but powerful book the author does a great job of sharing her personal life experiences and encourages the reader to challenge themselves to overcome our personal fears in a witty and clever way; using a Chameleon's natural defense mechanism as a dashboard. I truly enjoyed the concept of this book...let's continue to ``shift``....``
-Amed Avila
``Michelle's creative approach to ``changing your color`` is both refreshing and engaging. She does a really great job of connecting with the reader through practical application, making this book useful for virtually anyone regardless of age, race or background. I love that you can pick up the book over and over to help get through life's challenges, both personally and professionally. You'll definitely experience a lot of ``Aha!`` moments and walk away with a new perspective.``
-Chaniece Moultrie

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