I'm Michelle A. Smith - Author Motivational Speaker Life Coach & Trainer

also known as The Shift Starter

About Me

The Invisible Chameleon

Changing Your Color, Shifting and Reaching Your Desired Goal

Our Services

Specialized in coaching individuals on ways to SHIFT past their fears and reach a desired goal.

Motivational Speaker

Helping to motivate individuals in areas of self esteem, confidence, self worth and positive attitudes.


Professional trainer with proven delivery of training methods to companies and organizations.

Life Coach

One on one coaching sessions with individuals, helping to identify roadblocks and set plans to achieve desired life goals.


Conference panelist that provides insight and different perspective under the ``Shifting`` umbrella.

Conference Host/Keynote

Energetic and passionate Host/Keynote Speaker for Conferences, Events, Group Activities et. al.

Global Travel Advisor

Global travel connoisseur with over 15 years of travel experience. To date, visited: 6 continents, 42 countries and 119 cities around the world.